Notes of Distinction About This Series:
Women Printmakers of Austin Multiple Originals X
Julia C. Butridge Gallery Daugherty Arts Center,
(Austin, Texas) October 4–October 30, 2005

This collection is available in the following formats:

Boxed Set of Note Cards
The clear, sealed box contents include:
5 note cards, representing one each of the images shown above...
5 vellum envelopes...
1 artist's statement...
1 artist's biography card...
1 thumbnail insert...
Cards have blank insides for personalized messages...
These cards are printed on archival quality stock, suitable for framing...
Cards measure 5 inches by 7 inches...

For information on how to obtain any of these offerings,
please contact the artist

For information on how to obtain any of the artwork displayed on the various gallery pages of this website
... be that in the form of prints, note cards, or originals ...
please contact the artist directly:

Selected Note Cards Available:


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